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Friday, July 15, 2005

Blubbering Idiot

BabyJuJu and I just spent about 25 uninterrupted moments staring at each other in the eye. Then she smiled, I melted and she promptly fell asleep (I just barely caught her as she began to roll out of my lap and onto the floor). It got me thinking. When do we start to become uncomfortable looking people in the eye?

I remember when LittleJuJu was a bit younger and we used to rock to sleep in the chair. He would stare into my eyes as he fell asleep. The older he got, the shorter the stare. Now, he fidgets when I try to kiss him on the cheek (he gave up kisses on the lips a long time ago). My little guy is getting so grown up. Kindergarten starts in August. I am dreading the first day I watch him roll away on the bus. I'm sure that I will be fighting back tears. I remember the first day I dropped him off at daycare when I was teaching preschool. I walked away from him, both of us fighting tears (one a bit less subtly than the other). First day of preschool was no easier but at least Mr. JuJu was with me. Can it be true that this new little baby will someday be old enough to go to school, and drive, and DATE? No way.

BabyJuJu found her hands yesterday. It's hilarious. She will hold (usually just one) up in the air in front of her face and just look at it like, "What the hell is this thing and when did it get here?" then she shoves it into her mouth like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth.

Please tell me that switching to WordPress is no big deal and I will not lose almost a year worth of posts and comments. Tell me this. I need a push because I am a big freaking wussy loser.

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