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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Always A Work in Progress

I've been feeling like my site needs a change. I know I just changed it not too long ago, but I'd like to even change my platform. I've been playing around over at WordPress today and looking through the site to see if anything caught my eye. Anyone who has experience with WordPress, please fill me in on whether you like it and/or think that I might benefit from switching. The fact that it is free is a bonus...I'd love to switch to Movable Type at some point but right now FREE is my only option. A girl's gotta live, you know?

In other news? I'm really just trying to get back into some sort of a routine around here. Ever since the baby came, "routine" is not something I am familiar with. It's quite unfortunate as I thrive on routine. LittleJuJu does as well, so his trip to PA last week has him a little screwed up. My goal for the next two weeks is to get some sort of bedtime schedule down for the baby. I don't know how much longer Mr. JuJu and I are going to be able to function on the sore excuse for sleep that we get every night. After the two weeks we are off again to New York and Canada to visit family again...I hope that whatever progress is made between now and then is not lost. We'll see.

Looking over my blogroll, I cannot believe how many pregnant bloggers are out there! I swear half of the list is either pregnant, or new parents. Is ANYONE getting any sleep?!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes...Mr. JuJu and I finally got to sit down together with a glass of wine after 11 p.m. last night. Then the baby woke up. GOOD TIMES.
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