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Friday, June 24, 2005

Whoa, Stick With A Topic, Woman

It's Friday, and around our house as of late, this means....company. The grandparents have been taking turns coming to visit the new baby (and the boy) almost every weekend, with the exception of a couple. We have another friend visiting on Sunday. Then I have the week to prepare for a) LittleJuJu's week+ vacation in Pennsylvania with my parents and b) Mr. JuJu, BabyJuJu and my trip to Philly for a conference and c) a wedding in Cincinnati. We'll be busy, so you see. Any one up for guest blogging in my absence from 4th of July weekend on? Lemme know.

BabyJuJu was 2 months old this week! She had a great check-up and is putting on weight like a champ. I cannot get enough of the chubby rolls on her thighs and her big cheeks. She went from 5th percentile to 50th in one month. I am happy with this, as she was 3 weeks early. Must be all of those Twinkees and beer.

I leave you with another one of LittleJuJu's quips:

"Can I say 'balls' ?"
"Well, it depends. What sort of balls are you talking about?"
"..... points to crotch...."
"Ah, no you may not."
"Oh alright. I'll call them testics then."

Yes, he calls his testicles "testics". Don't ask me why. I do not know.

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