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Thursday, May 26, 2005

What She'd Say if Only She Could

I've taken over Mommy's computer (ok...really it's DADDY'S, see how I have already begun to side with my father?) to announce that I am now officially one month old. I know that you are impressed with my mad spelling skills. It's amazing what you can learn in a few short weeks sitting on Mommy's lap in front of her (his) computer.

The past month has been quite a trying time for my family. Mommy has had to deal with her body and her hormones struggling to get back to normal (as if her hormones were ever what you would consider "normal" in the first place) and my daddy has had to learn what it is like to be a father from the "start". You may or may not know that he became a father to my big brother during his 18th month of life, which was well past sleepless nights and little, teeny, tiny helplessness. I was born at 6 pounds 1 ounce...then I lost some weight, and now I am back up to almost 7 pounds. You can imagine that my family might be afraid of breaking me. Now multiply that times one million and THAT is how afraid my Daddy is of breaking me. Isn't he cute!?

My big brother might be having the hardest time of all, though he hides it extremely well. My parents think he has adjusted amazingly though I sense that he might be feeling threatened by me. I see they way he sulks when ANOTHER present shows up for ME at the door. He pretends to love me and will even give me hugs and kisses when the big people are looking, but I know the truth. I am afraid...that kid is smart. Oh, and he is LOUD. I think his plan is to demolish any remote chance of my ever hearing completely well. He's crafty like that. He's got these people so fooled.

Wait, I was wrong. It's not my brother that has the hardest adjustment to me...it is the cat. First she gets confused because Mommy and Daddy call her by my name and me by hers (don't deny it, Daddy, I heard you call me "Allie") and she is just plain old ignored these days. My presence has her completely confused. Lets face it, she is a cat. She has no idea what the hell I am or why I am here but she knows that since I came, her family has forgotten her. Poor thing. She better just accept that I am the baby now. Mwahaha.

I've heard them say that I am a good baby. I suppose I would have to agree. I sleep all day and only wake a couple of times each night to eat, usually falling right back to sleep. I have started to fuss and get on my parents nerves a little more these past few days, but I think they had it too easy there for a few weeks. Need to keep them on their toes, you know? Just wait until I am a teenager.

If you are reading this, Mommy? I'm thinking that if I don't grow into my clothes soon, we are going to have to go shopping again for more preemie clothes...I am really getting tired of the same old pajamas. Also, Internet? Thanks for all of your kind words and pretty presents for my family. I can't wait to have my own website and embarrass my mommy the way she will inevitably embarrass me here. Looking forward to month 2!
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