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Monday, May 16, 2005

Thanks For Sticking Around

It happens, you know? It happens even to the best of friends. Something happens in your life, something big. I don't mean something like you had a date with the guy you have had your eye on for two months, or that you finally finished that book you have been struggling through for a year. I mean big things...marriage, moving, birth, death. You don't mean for it to happen but eventually the visits stop, the phone calls shorten until they trail off altogether. Birthdays go unnoticed, emails are few and far between. It's ok. This is part of life. People intertwine themselves into your world for either long or short periods, you never can tell which it will be. If you are lucky, you can still run into each other a year or two down the road and be able to embrace one another and ask how things are going, rather then averting your eyes and pretending not to notice.

So this blog was my friend, one of my best friends. Then something BIG happened. Something HUGE (if you can call 6 pounds 1 ounce "huge") and I fell back. I ignored it, hoping a post might write itself and publish without my fingers being present. I hovered over the keyboard willing an idea to come to me. There is so much to write about, so much involving this HUGE part of my life but I have no idea where to start. Do I start at the beginning, with the torturous pain and long hours of labor? Do I start when the pain was over and the beautiful baby became a very real part of our lives? Do I begin where we thought we were home-free only to realize that we were not allowed to bring our little angel home, that the doctors were not quite done with her yet? I don't know. I've decided to just leave that all in the past. Leave that extremely difficult and scary journey in my mind and concentrate now on the present.

The present is glorious. Our angel is home and healthy and beautiful and we have begun our lives as four instead of three. She sleeps, she eats, she poops. Just as she is supposed to. She is perfect and for now at least, life is perfect. Forgive me friend, for my absence. I'm back and I am stronger having gone through what I (we) have. I've missed you!!
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