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Sunday, May 29, 2005


LittleJuJu has a new love for volcanos. Ok well, not so much a "love" for volcanos, since he is deathly afraid that one will erupt in our neighborhood, so maybe more of an "interest". Every once in awhile he will start an hour long Q and A about the weather and will we be killed in a volcano eruption that particular day or will we, you know, have sunny skies.

Yesterday, the sky turned that intense shade of periwinkle and gray that you see right before a rainstorm. Of course he was convinced that a volcano or a tornado was eminent. I was listening to him talk to Daddy about the forecast...I don't know when the word, "VAGINA" came into play (Mr. JuJu?) but this IS what I heard, come from my 5 year old's mouth:

Vaginas are NOT volcanos. They are girl's penises.

OK then. We'll have to iron out a few anatomically correct details, no big deal. Later he was sitting at the computer with Daddy, checking the forecast on weatherbug ( I think when Daddy said there would be no tornado or volcano eruption resulting in our untimely death, LittleJuJu asked him to "prove it") and he said:

If the weatherman is wrong, I'll shoot my eye out.

Do you think he is getting enough attention?
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