JuJuBee: Sick Update...or How My Birthday Month Continues With the Suckage

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sick Update...or How My Birthday Month Continues With the Suckage

I decided I call my Ob/Gyn yesterday morning because of the back pain and fever, etc. I see them next Tuesday but thought they might like to see me sooner than that in case of, who knows. They finally got back to me in the late afternoon and told me they'd like to send me to the labor and delivery triage to figure out why I was running the fever. You know, to be safe and all that. I really just felt kinda flu-ish and thought it would be a big waste of time but I couldn't exactly say, "Well, nah. I think I'll just hang out here if it's all the same to you."

It actually turned out to be quite beneficial for us to do a dry run as we have never been to the hospital before and need to iron out a few kinks in our route. I liked the maternity ward and the nurses but the parking, construction, traffic, etc. was just SHIT. When I went into labor with LittleJuJu we had the whole "Christmas Day" thing on our side...no traffic at all and I was sharing the whole maternity department with like, one other woman in labor. Maybe BabyJuJu could hold off until...what holiday comes next? Oh nevermind, I'd rather stick needles into my eyes than hold off longer than I need to here.

So we get there and go to the regular old ER, which we were not supposed to do (who knew?) and so I got to have a fun wheelchair ride up to maternity which I think freaked my boys out alittle bit. I don't look right in a wheelchair, I didn't exactly NEED the wheelchair, but hey it felt a bit like pampering. They should have wheelchairs in the day spas to wheel you from pedicure to facial to massage, right? Walking is for the peons.

They got me all set up in my gown (that I took years to figure out, all those damn snaps and ties, what the hell?) and got the fetal monitor going. I gave a nice urine sample that didn't drop into the toilet (practice makes perfect!) and gave some blood. Yada, yada, yada. It went like:

Lay and wait
explain symptoms to nurse
Lay and wait
explain symptoms to intern
Lay and wait
explain symptoms to resident doctor
Lay and wait
explain symptoms to my own doctor on call
Lay and wait forever and ever
fuck up fetal monitor by actually MOVING (oh my, so sorry for MOVING)
Lay and wait

Finally a new doctor came in and explained that I have a virus (probably a flu strain) a bladder infection and I am dehydrated. Here is your prescription...DRINK MORE FLUIDS!...go home...see you in a few weeks.

I knew I felt kinda wrong! All that complaining was not in vain, people! Justified at last!

My lovely husband took the boy out for breakfast, so I need to go enjoy the quiet and DRINK MORE FLUIDS!
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