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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

No Time To Waste Actually Thinking Today

This MeMe was stolen from Jazzy because I too lacketh the creativity this fine Tuesday.

Accent: I know Pittsburghers have a distinct "accent" that most people like to make fun of (as though theirs isn't mildly ridiculous) but somehow I managed to escape the signature Pittsburghese...might have been the traveling, or the living with a New Yorker (talk about "accents"!) who knows, so no accent to speak of that I notice.
Bra size:I agree that a man must have started this meme, and to give you my bra size right now would be a bit unfair as I am 8 months pregnant...PASS
Chore I hate: Cleaning the shower and tub
Dads name: Raymond
Essential makeup: Just ONE thing?
favorite perfume: I like a few, no favorites here...Estee Lauder's Beautiful, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy, Kenzo's Flower, Egyptian Musk, lots of them I like.
Gold or silver: I am partial to silver though my wedding bands are platinum
Hometown:Just a little town in Pennsylvania...
Last job: A nanny gig
Kids: LittleJuJu (5) and BabyJuJu on the way
Living arrangements: Mr. JuJu, LittleJuJu and myself (one cat, lotsa fishies) looking for a new "home"
Mom’s birthplace: small town in PA
Number of apples eaten last week: A ton...a few whole but I have been a fruit salad kick, so I have had a gazillion cut up and thrown into that
Overnight hospital stays: 2 nights with LittleJuJu
Phobias: I never put these things into writing
Question you ask yourself a lot: When is this baby coming?
Religious affiliation: I'm working on this one
Siblings:1 brother age 28,1 half brother age 5
Time I wake up: When I see LittleJuJu in my face or hear Mr. JuJu's alarm go off
Unnatural hair color: Light Blonde
Natural hair color: Medium blonde
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Again, just one?
Worst habit: 20 minute showers
X-rays: I've had a lot
Yummy food I make: I tend to be modest about tooting my own horn...I make good banana nut bread I suppose?
Zodiac sign: Taurus the Bull

Update: LittleJuJu's ear infection has not cleared and he is on another round of antibiotics, will go from here...
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