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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fun With T&A ! Errr Q&A...

Ok so I thought I'd better start addressing those questions before I get any more that I will never have time to answer. Some I am still thinking about and will get to those later today. One you all are wondering about was the neighbor and why I might think he is dead. I'm sure you will all be disappointed, as the story is not chock full of crime and suspect. Nevertheless, I believe he has gone to greener pastures, bit the bullet, bought the farm, {insert your favorite deadly cliche here}.

I think I posted in the past about our neighbors and their not so "neighborly" ways. They are an older couple but if you held a gun to my head and asked me to estimate their ages, I'd have to die. They are those type of people that could just as easily be in their 40's as be in their 60's. The husband, who I believe to have left this earth looked to be about 103 years of age. When we moved in here a few years ago we found out that he was suffering from oesophageal cancer. This did not stop him from smoking like a chimney. If I felt like finding the post I wrote about him, I think it would have mentioned that he mows the lawn, WITH AN OXYGEN TANK STRAPPED TO HIS BACK. We have volunteered to do it for him but the man is so stubborn and proud that he would not give it up. Eventually he would be mowing and have to stop every five minutes to lay in the yard, gasping for air and mercy. He scared the shit out of me. His wife ultimately took over the task of mowing. Ah yes...the wife. She is a peach. I won't get into it, but these two people are the grumpiest, meanest bastards I have ever run across. Forget about trying to make small talk with them, even waving seems too much effort. ANYWAY....

We haven't seen the hubby for most of the winter months, only his wife coming and going in the car. All of the sudden last weekend their driveway was full of cars ( they never have visitors) and people were coming and going for days. I think he is gone, Mr. JuJu thinks he might still be kicking but the family is holding a sort of vigil over there for him. It creeps me out to be honest but I am too nosy to just let it go. I NEED to know if this guy is alive...

Will keep you updated as I'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath. Ok, will post more answers as they come to me.
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