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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ENT, Honey...not EMT.

Uhm...hi! Remember me? I used to write stuff here. Maybe not regularly, but somewhat often. I don't know what happened with that so don't ask, ok? Ok then. I will blame it on the beautiful sunny and warm weather we have been having...and my mom and stepdad visiting over the weekend. That is that. Moving on...

LittleJuJu went to the doc this morning for a recheck of his ears (if you recall, he had an infection and went through two rounds of antibiotics) and they are MUCH better but still a bit red and swollen. Lucky us! We are off to see an ENT sometime this or next week to see what he thinks. LittleJuJu did have tubes as a toddler and this is his first infection since they fell out a couple years back. Let us all cross fingers and other assorted body parts that he will not need tubes again. It was awful watching them take him away from me the first time ("Oh, it's actually better if he cries hard! Then the medicine will knock him out quicker!" Yeah ok, fuck you Nurse Betty) and the time it took for the surgery (which was pretty damn quick) seemed like years. I was a wreck and I hate to think of him going through that now that he is 5 and not stupid.

In other news...35 weeks pregnant now. For those playing at home, this means only 5 weeks to go (if we are lucky) and this is freaking me out. I am of course ready and have been for the last, oh...7 months or so, but still. I keep thinking of all the things we need to do yet. Nothing major, but you know. I like to obsess. I need to get LittleJuJu registered for kindergarten which is somehow much harder than I anticipated. We have to pick a school and actually GO THERE or something. I know! TOUGH stuff! Mr. JuJu is also playing phone tag with a lawyer to adopt LittleJuJu so I am worried that he will have to change his last name after school starts. He is already confused about that as he kinda learned his name one way (with my maiden name) and then he learned it another way (with Mr. JuJu and my last name) and when asked what his full name is, he always kinda hesitates but ultimately goes with the Mr. JuJu name. Ah, what issues.

Lets play a game, since I obviously cannot post anything of interest to save my life. Ask me a question in the comments, whatever you like and I'll post my answers. Be nice and I might answer honestly.

P.S. I think my neighbor died, but we aren't sure. Just throwing that out there.
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