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Monday, April 04, 2005

Bitching and Birthdays

I had a rough weekend with the BabyJuJu making me miserable and with LittleJuJu seeming to have another (if not the same) ear infection. Noone in our home slept on Saturday night and Sunday seems like a blur. I remember the times, not long ago, when I could easily pull an all nighter. We'd stay up well into the morning partying, sleep for a few hours, and do it again the next night (I sowed a few "wild oats" right before LittleJuJu came along) but now...if I miss a good night's sleep, I am a zombie for the whole next day. I get mean and grumpy and pale and blah. We did manage sleep last night and are all feeling better today. LittleJuJu has a doc appt. at 4:25 this afternoon. I dunno what's up with the ear. Poor kiddo.

Onto better news. April marks the beginning of the celebration of my "Birthday Month". Yes. One day is certainly not enough time to fully enjoy all that my birthday has to offer. I prefer to be selfish and obnoxious and celebrate all month long. In fact those running shoes I bought last month were a "birthday" present from Mr. JuJu (that I picked out and ordered before he knew he was even getting them for me). It's funny, my birthday isn't even in say, the middle of the month...it's on the very last day. So really, I should celebrate well into May as well, don't you think?
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