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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

You Can Opt Out of this Post at Any time

Let me first preface this writing with an apology. I have not had a good night's sleep in so long that I really can't even remember. A perfect way to spend your last 7 weeks of pregnancy, I know. Way to kick her when she's down!!

Last night was the worst sleep yet. Mr. JuJu had planned on an all nighter to finish a work project that had to be done today, so he got comfy in the big new chair and set to work on his laptop. I had been having a rough day so I layed down on the couch around 9 or so (sorry I never called you back, mom). I would have went to bed, but I hate going to bed alone. I decided to stay on the couch for awhile and be close to the Mister. I was miserable. I have slipped into this pattern at night that only allows me 15 minutes or so of being in one comfortable position. Apparently I am "carrying the baby high" and this is really causing some major discomfort. The doctor was very surprised since this is my second child...I swear she is seriously stuck in my rib. Like her foot or something has lodged in between two bones in my rib cage and she is stuck there. It hurts. It hurts bad and if only I could BREATH again. I have heard of women having bruised or even broken ribs after pregnancy. I feel as though I may join the ranks. This sucks.
I seem to be ok when I am not sitting or laying down...some cruel twist of fate as I am supposed to be getting adequate rest and sleep. May can not come soon enough.

Stay with me. I know this part will be over soon and I will have some positive things to talk about here. Until then...I just can't muster the happy face. Come on BabyJuJu, drop...please?
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