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Thursday, March 17, 2005

When The Cats Away

When Mr.JuJu is out of town, LittleJuJu is in no hurry to wake me. Yes I would suppose that this seems nice and all, but actually it is a bit unsettling. God knows what he is up to when I am asleep. Sometimes I will come downstairs to find him quietly coloring in a coloring book, he will look up at me with a sweet smile and a," Good Morning, Mama. I'm making you a picture." It's the other times that freak me out a little. Like this morning we had installment number 2 of "Breakfast in Bed" that consisted of: Two spoons, a good yogurt, an expired yogurt, one M&M cookie, one generic peanut butter cookie, and a banana. Not bad considering last time. Everything seemed ok until I realized that the plate he used to carry this all up to me was a plate that I keep on the tip-top cabinet shelf. It's usually buried under about five glass bowls. How he got the plate down is a mystery. When I asked, all I got was a shrug, "I dunno, just got it." Ok then. Fortunately I will have no choice but to be awake before him when the baby comes. Wait. Did I say "good thing" ? I really am losing it.
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