JuJuBee: We Need A *Cough* Minivan *Cough*

Friday, March 18, 2005

We Need A *Cough* Minivan *Cough*

So we're off today to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend at my parent's and have one final shower before BabyJuJu makes her appearance. Did you all know how they make their appearances, anyway? Yuck. I'm thinking that if we BARELY got everything in the car from the last shower, with 15 guests bringing presents, we are going to have to leave some things behind this time with the guest list at 25 or more. Who cares, though...more presents!! I am also excited to see friends that I've not seen since Christmas (and a new baby boy I've not yet met!).

We'll be back Sunday at some point in the day. Until then I believe I've got a guest blogger set up for today, if
he remembers and doesn't lose the log in information, which he has been known to do...Ahem. So, talk amongst yourselves and enjoy the weekend!
• Posted by JuJubee @ 3/18/2005 09:14:00 AM
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