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Monday, March 07, 2005

Trying to Hold it All Together

Can't we all just be healthy for once? Poor LittleJuJu has had this cold for like 2 months now. He was at the doctor in February for a well-child visit (maybe you recall my post about his booster shots?) and the doctor told me we'd have to wait it out and that there was just a tiny bit of fluid in his ears. Fast forward to now: he coughs in the morning for a little while and at night for a little while and his nose runs all day. Now we have added a pleasant earache. He was up crying in bed at 2 a.m. that his ears hurt and for the last few days the majority of his vocabulary has been made up of, "WHAT?" and, "HUH?". He has even come up to me and asked me to talk directly into his ear so that he can hear me. Ok then...that's enough of that. First we thought it was just his normal ignoring us, but now I am worried. He is going to the doctor again this afternoon. He is breaking my heart. In other LittleJuJu news, I had a conference with his preschool teacher and he is doing really well. Her only concern is that he seems to be quite the "follower" and sometimes that can be trouble for him. Especially considering the other boys in his class.

Mr. JuJu is a bomb waiting to explode. This "March Madness" time of year is bound to have him rocking back and forth in a white padded room soon. Sure it would be great if we won tonight and went on to the tourney, but honestly, don't hate me for praying that we lose. It's really only for my husband's sanity, I swear. BabyJuJu needs to know her daddy come May.

As for me and my mental/emotional/physical health? Well, I feel pretty good. I have my days when pregnancy takes it's toll on me. Days when you wouldn't want to come within an inch of me because of the complaining and general bitchiness, but I feel like those days are few (shutup if you disagree). I'd feel better if my boys here at home were better. I can't wait to get outside and go for a run, or even a warm walk. My birthday is soon (next month is SOON) and I ordered myself some new running shoes to motivate and keep me looking forward to springtime. They should arrive today! Yay! Thanks for sticking around through this time of blogging bullshit. I know I'm delivering bullshit, but soon you will be sick and tired of my everyday posts being,"Guess what the baby did/ate/saw/said/wore/threw up/today!!!" so stick with me.

Update: LittleJuJu has bad ear infections (both ears) and we won last night, so....off to Cleveland Thursday. Might not be here to blog this weekend!
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