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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pick A Thought, Any Thought

I do believe that this will be one of those posts where I am all over the place. Seriously I have about eleventy-gazillion thoughts running through my head this morning so I'll just go with it. For starters, I am the "mommy helper" in LittleJuJu's preschool co-op this afternoon. Oh JOY. He just loves when I am in there, mostly because he gets to be the leader for all activities and help set the tables for snacktime (we mommy helpers are also responsible for bringing in the day's snack) and he just eats it all up (not the snack, the attention). He also gets to be the weatherman and give us all his opinions of what the weather was like yesterday, today, and what is to come tomorrow. He is a very optimistic weatherman, always reporting lots of sun and hot temperatures. Hey, it IS 26 degrees here today which is a warm-up if you ask me. We will be having a fake birthday party in school today for LittleJuJu since his birthday falls on Christmas day and we obviously missed school that day. Pictures I promise! {UPDATE: Forgot Camera}

Mr. JuJu is in Kentucky staying up late playing poker in strange hotel rooms with lots of men and probably liquored up hookers. Though we did lose our game in the first round of the tourney, somehow they got a bid in the NIT and will be playing there tonight. If they win, he will travel straight from there onto either Houston (poor baby, I feel so bad for him *eye roll*) or Wichita. That would also mean that he would not accompany me to Pennsylvania for my (final) baby shower this weekend. So...we'll see.

In other possibly fatal news...I have been waking up on my stomach in the mornings. Don't overlook here that I am now 31 weeks pregnant. 9 more weeks to go. I should certainly NOT be waking on my stomach. It can't be good for the baby but I seriously can't do anything about it. I haven't slept well in over a month, I just can't get comfortable enough to sleep in one position. Everytime I wake I am inching closer and closer to my belly until morning when I am finally there. Don't ask me where the baby goes...she must have carved out a nice niche in my back somewhere. It's really no wonder my back hurts, she is probably in there kicking my spine crooked and I will have to wear some brace for the rest of my life. Someone said how not being able to sleep in your final weeks of pregnancy was about as cruel as dieting to prepare to starve. It's not fair. I need my sleep and my sanity for the weeks ahead of me. So BabyJuJu?? Enough of that, young lady. Wait until you see all the cool stuff we have been buying you. You'll be sorry for making me stay up all night.

It's never too soon for Mommy Guilt Trips.
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