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Friday, March 18, 2005

Let's Smoke em Out!

I try very hard not to judge others how they raise their children or how they live their life. I'm actually the last person that should be casting stones. Today I caught myself wanting to strangle a parent.

Driving back to my office from lunch, I had to stop for a light. I looked over at a small compact car and noticed that the windows of the car were a little foggy almost dirty looking. Then to my horror, I spied a very small baby in a car seat, facing forward I might add, and I noticed that the fog was moving. The driver, a younger woman most likely in her early 20's, the passenger, a woman nearly the same age and "VERY" pregnant, and what appeared to be a high school boy in the back seat, all with a cigarette lit and smoking like chimneys.

The fog was cigarette smoke.

I then thought about the babies, the one in the car seat, and the poor unborn soul, and their exposure to this toxic air. I don't mind smokers, and I too used tobacco for a number of years, but those children have no choice but to breathe that air that those people have created.

The light turned green and the smoke bomb drove off. I then realized that what I thought was a pounding in my head for the disdain for the way these people were treating the situation, I soon figured out that they had the radio turned up so loud, it was the bass that was shaking my windows. I'm certain that was great for that young baby as well.

If you ask me, I say parental license 'REVOKED'!!!

• Posted by JuJubee @ 3/18/2005 03:33:00 PM
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