JuJuBee: Dailing MENSA Right Now

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dailing MENSA Right Now

LittleJuJu: Mama?
JuJuBee: Hmn?
LittleJuJu: I wanna play that game, pwease.
JuJuBee: Ah. M'kay, and what game would that be?
LittleJuJu: You know that game, I forget what it's called.
JuJuBee: Well you have so many games upstairs, I have no idea which one you mean.
LittleJuJu: I wish I could remember. It has cards.
JuJuBee: Cards, huh? Well that certainly narrows it down.
LittleJuJu: Cards that sorta...match? You match 'em up. Upside down.
JuJuBee: *laughing* Do you mean, Memory??
LittleJuJu: Oh yeah, I forgot.
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