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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Being mentally prepared is not the same as being physically prepared

Well, I think we are done. Done with buying the baby stuff that is. Ok, ok, ok. Done buying the baby stuff that we NEED to buy. The last item on the list of things that "We Need to Have to Ensure That the Baby Survives" list has been purchased. Said item will be arriving at some point during the day tomorrow. I tried finding a picture of it online but you know how these internets can be...no go. I believe I described it in the store as "like rocking on clouds". I cannot wait to sit my ass in this chair for round the clock baby soothing. Bring it on...I have clouds to sit on. Thanks, Mom!

I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania. My last shower (I only had 2, so "last shower" sounds funny, like I had soooo many...) was on Saturday. I (we) got lots of beautiful presents, and it was nice to catch up with some people that I haven't seen in a long time. I even got to meet a friend of my mom's and faithful reader of my blog...Hi Tammy! A really nice weekend.

Home now. Home ready to rip my hair out. Spring break week is upon us and LittleJuJu is home from preschool all week long. It's funny how you don't realize that the 2.5 hours, three days a week really is a life saver. Pray for me.

What else? I am 32 weeks today! Things are getting uncomfortable in this body of mine and I am so ready to just see BabyJuJu. No more car trips for us until she comes, my back is just not having it. So? Looks like it is nesting time! I am off to tackle the closets in LittleJuJu's room today...so exciting is my life!
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