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Sunday, February 27, 2005

No, You Can't Have That Thing You Asked Me For

I had intended on filling this space today with thoughtful and emotion-provoking sentiment. I was going to weave you through the life of someone that I love dearly, with all of my heart and soul. Someone who is the backbone of my family, of my whole being. Someone who keeps me grounded and reminds me that I am a special person with qualities that are actually likeable, if not even a bit admirable. I was going to tell you all about this guy who, if I am lucky enough, my son will grow to be just like. I'd have told you about how I tease him mercilessly on a daily basis and am quite certain that my picking and poking are grounds for divorce...yes it is that bad. I'd tell you how he holds my son and makes my heart swell, how he is a celebrity gossip whore, how he buttons his pants before he puts his shirt on, therefore having to unbutton them all over again to get the shirt inside. That drives me crazy. I'd have told you how I like to watch him when he works on his laptop at the couch, running his thumb fingernail over the smooth part above his top lip...he has these cute and quirky little things he does that make me smile. Yes, I would have told you all of these things and more if LittleBabyJuJu had not stolen all of my brain cells for her own use. She better be damn cute and damn smart.

This man...this backbone of mine, is my husband. You know him as Mr. JuJu. I know him as a few other names that I won't share here because some are just plain naughty. Please help me in wishing him a wonderful birthday filled with love and peace and happiness and all of the things that he deserves. He will read this when he fires up his computer to WORK ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Put the computer away, sweetheart, and enjoy your day. I love you.

Happy Birthday !
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