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Monday, February 14, 2005

Crazy Love

I was thinking about love today...how appropriate, no? It occurred to me that this Valentine's Day is quite possibly the best I have ever had. Not because of some fancy gift or a bouquet of flowers or candy (though the chocolate does have a way of making my knees buckle with love) but because of all of the love that I'm surrounded by. This year might prove to be tough in certain areas...money, swollen ankles, renters remorse, etc. These things don't define who we are. Take them all away and we still have this unyielding love for one another. My son, my husband and I can still cuddle on the couch and giggle for an entire afternoon and I can't imagine ever having that go away. Soon we will have even more love in our home when BabyJuJu makes her debut (note to BabyJuJu: I'm ready! Anytime now!) even my stupid cat gives me a feeling of the warm fuzzies. I am blessed to have so many people in my life to love and who love me in return. Happy Valentine's Day to all of those people, you know who you are.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the bloggers out there who have made my days go by a little more quickly, I do have a certain love for you and for this little corner of the world that we have all carved out for ourselves. You all truly do make my life a little sweeter. Thank you.

We are off to Buffalo this afternoon. My baby shower is tomorrow evening and we will return home on Wednesday (hopefully with a car full of new presents! Yay for presents! Pink presents!). If you are here, leave a comment...no lurkers on Valentine's Day....leave me some love.
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