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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ankle Update

They are much better today, I know you were all waiting for that little update, so there ya go.

In other news, I completely forgot to tell you about our night out on Sunday. The printing company that Mr. JuJu uses at his office will occasionally come up with really good tickets to events...you know, like, "Hey! Stay with us! We'll take you out and pay for your seats!" Last spring we went to an Indians game and got to sit in the box seats where they stuff you full of free food and get you drunk in a warm room while people are freezing outside eating 5 dollar hotdogs.

This time we went to a Cavs game with Mr. Printing Company Guy and his wife. LittleJuJu went to a friend's house for the evening and HOT DAMN we were child free for like, 5 hours! If only I could have taken advantage of free drinks. The game sucked so we ended up leaving at the half and going out for dinner. It was really nice (except for the part where I almost spilled coffee all over Mr. PCG's wife's lap, it missed her by millimeters) and we definitely needed a night "out" with adults.

So tomorrow morning around 7:45 am (EST) we will finally be finding out what is making a comfy home in my belly! Not comfy for me, by the way....I digress. THINK PINK, PEOPLE!

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