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Monday, January 31, 2005

Operation: Find a Competent Doctor

Mission completed.

I had my week 24-25 prenatal check-up this morning. The practice that we chose is group care as opposed to a one on one doctor/patient relationship. This has it's drawbacks, such as never really getting to know your doctor personally since you basically see a new one each time you visit the office. One the bright side, you need not worry about going into labor just as your doctor has boarded a plane for summer vacation. There will always be someone that you have shaken hands with at least once who is going to see you south of the border and have his or her face in your crotch for hours on end.

We have not had a very pleasant experience with this group thus far. For starters, the incompetent bubble gum chewing 12 year old that they have scheduling ALL appointments just happened to sorta, kinda FORGET to schedule me for my 16 week check-up. No, I never realized this until my 20 week check-up when the doctor was all, "So, what happened? Why haven't we seen you since week 12?" Blink. Blink. What do you mean? Then there is the whole deal with my ultrasound. My 20 week ultrasound that I still have not had. Refer to the bottom of the page to see what week I am into now. No, go ahead, I'll wait.............Back? Did you see? Ok, then.

The first doctor I saw seemed nice enough. Maybe in his late 50's, early 60's. Mr. JuJu and I both seemed to get the vibe that he was an old pervert. Then we went for a 12 week ultrasound and only saw the sonographer. My next appointment (the one at 20 weeks) the doctor I had was some dorky kid, like Doogie Howser only without the personality. He didn't give a shit that I missed a visit or that it was not my fault. He brushed off my questions with half-assed answers. Just a general asshat.

Then the clouds parted, the sun came shining through and I met Doctor Jasullahatrujdnhd. This really is not a far stretch as far as his name is concerned. No matter...his name could be John Jacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt for all I care. He was friendly, he joked with LittleJuJu, he SAT DOWN AND CHATTED with us. He addressed my concerns about scheduling problems and even called the dipshit receptionist on her mistake. He apologized. He scheduled us for our ultrasound in three days! He is our savior. He is a Steeler fan in a city that I have felt ostracized in for being a Steeler fan.

He had damn well BETTER not be vacationing in May, that I know.

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