JuJuBee: The One Where I Break Him

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The One Where I Break Him

"LittleJuJu, I don't understand the Toy Story obsession anymore."
"What's O'simpson? Is it a bad word?"
"No...obsession...it means that you like your Toy Story stuff alittle too much maybe."
"Yeah. I'm upsessed with them. I like them."
"Do you think we should bag up some of these? You have four identical Buzz dolls and four almost identical Woody dolls."
"NO! Don't you ever do that! Well, you can take that one Buzz away. It has a broken hand. He was upsessed with doing search and rescue down the stairs. He can go."

Let us hope that should a time come when I am ailing a broken bone, my son will not give up on me so easily.
• Posted by JuJubee @ 1/02/2005 10:44:00 AM
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