JuJuBee: Not a Bad Day Except For the Fat Thing

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not a Bad Day Except For the Fat Thing

Can I just say that you ladies can take your expensive jewelry and flowers and sexy lingerie...take your trips to exotic islands and candlelit cuisine. All mean nothing to me. My husband knows what I like and it didn't even break the bank. Say hello to my little friend. Thanks Baby. It makes all the difference.

The weekend was Chock Full O' Fun. Snow, actually. Chock Full O' Snow. Mr. JuJu's parents came Friday evening and left yesterday morning...boy were we lazy. The weekend consisted of eating and watching movies. LittleJuJu got some Grandma-Grandpa playtime in of course. His new favorite game to play is called "Store" and it basically means that you go to his room, pick out a few items from the shelves and plastic totes full of toys and he charges you an arm and a leg for them. Then he yells that it is closing time and you need to get out. Rather rudely in fact. So when you get halfway down the stairs with your new purchases he will throw open his bedroom door and scream, "Good morning! Open for business!" and you have to turn around and do it all over again. Poor Grandma endured the game of "Store" for way longer than a grandparent is required to play. At one point Grandpa actually wore a mask and using a flying disc shooter,robbed the boy blind. Good times.

Today I am watching the LittleGuy That Screams and Cries A Lot...BUT!...UPDATE!...he is playing with LittleJuJu! In the next room! Not crying! This is big people....huge. I am celebrating by of course, finally updating this blog. Go in peace and I hope your day is filled with as much quiet and serenity that had been bestowed upon me.

P.S. Fatness is starting and it is not pretty. Send cute fat clothes for me, STAT.

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