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Monday, January 10, 2005

Eww, Bleck, Yuck and Ick.

If you live anywhere in the Eastern part of these United States, you might be saying the same thing. It is such a cold and dreary, nasty and ugly day. What I would not give for a day of sunshine...or an hour of sunshine. I'm not asking for much.

Thanks to all of you who helped out with ideas for the baby. I ended up registering at three different stores (Pottery Barn Kids, Walmart and Babies R Us) since there will be two showers I figured I could cover all of the bases with three stores. Everyone has a different budget and I know that one shower is located in an area that may not be easily accessible to some of those stores. It was so much fun but not as much fun as registering at Target for our wedding with that awesome little gun/scanner gizmo. Yeah...THOSE were good times. So if you know my name...go buy the baby pretty things! Yay!

I still have not found out the sex which is a sore subject for me since I though I would be having the ultrasound at my last visit before the new year. "No", they say. I will be scheduled to find out at my next visit which isn't until Jan. 31st. So it would seem that my ultrasound may not happen until mid-February. Needless to say, everything I picked out is either green or yellow. Bastards. In happier news...22 weeks tomorrow! The baby has really started kicking my ass at night (well, not my ass, but my belly) you understand.

Happy Monday to all of you internet people!

Also...I will be changing this Christmas look soon...I think.

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