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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Calling All Parents

Ok, ok, ok...thanks for all of the sweet comments about the last picture but in case you missed my comment...I WAS NOT PREGNANT IN THAT PHOTO! Boy, it'd be nice to look that way 21 weeks into pregnancy wouldn't it? I assure you, I don't. Now then...any and all chocolate shipments are welcome now and after the baby is born. I like white and milk chocolate...dark chocolate (though better for you) sucks. Okeedoke.

I am calling on all parents for some help. I am starting to check into the baby registry deal this evening and I need to know what are your favorite baby things: from diaper bags to highchairs to toys to bouncy seats to nipples. Heee...I said nipples. I never had a shower with LittleJuJu as times were just strange then with, well, with things... so I am excited to have a shower (or possibly two!) and be able to pick out some things that we need. So spill it! I need your favorites! It's been 5 years since I had a baby in the house so I have no idea what is out there.

Oh yes...also....I gained 50 pounds with LittleJuJu and it took 4 long years to get it off. I am being as cautious as my appetite will allow this time around so the ten pounds in 21 weeks? Just fine and dandy with me.

Now...help me!

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