JuJuBee: Why Is It So Difficult to Think of a Title Today?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Why Is It So Difficult to Think of a Title Today?

It occurred to me just the other day while in NY and having small anxiety attacks about not blogging and/or checking my email that I should have arranged for someone to guest blog for me sometime during the last 6 (GASP!) days. Oops. My bad. Hehe.

Let's see here...phew...what's been happening for 6 whole days? We had Mr. JuJu's staff over on Wednesday evening for a little christmas party and it really turned out nice. Lots of food (read: way too much food) some board games and friends...a nice little gathering lasting about 5 hours. We didn't expect people to stay that long so hopefully it meant that they were having a good time.

Thursday was Little JuJu's Christmas program at preschool which was so damn adorable I wanted to bottle it up to save in my memory forever. Mr. JuJu spent the majority of the play/program convincing himself that the school needed to stop adhering so strictly to the old gender roles and have a little girl play the part of Baby Jesus. I think had the "roof flown off the place" he would have been quite smug.

Thursday evening we attended a party at Mr. JuJu's boss's home which was quite lovely. That's all, just quite lovely...yummy food served up by "help" and drinks flowing freely into everyone's mouth but my own. Our sitter had to cancel on us because her little boy was sick so LittleJuJu ended up with two of Mr. JuJu's staff (both 25 year old guys/roommates) and he had a blast jumping on beds and having dinner at Damons with the Big Boys. What I wouldn't have done to be a fly on the wall during that. he assured us that he wasn't offered any funny cigarettes.

Friday was spent babysitting and packing and then off to NY to celebrate the holidays with the in-laws. We had a great weekend and arrived back home yesterday afternoon. Seems now that you are up to speed!

Spending today shopping for last minute birthday gifts for LittleJuJu ( his birthday is on Christmas, did I mention that?) and running errands...I promise to have a fun and or interesting post up soon! Hope I didn't lose you all!

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