JuJuBee: Greetings From Pennsylvania, Yinz Guyz!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Greetings From Pennsylvania, Yinz Guyz!

Here I am internet....Her Royal Slackness of Slackerhood. Boy oh boy do I miss this here bloggy blog! I am presently stationed at dear ole mommy's house in the comfy homeness of home. "Home" of course in this case being Pennsylvania and not my "regular" "home" in Ohio. Enough quotes for ya? I and the little man will be here until Thursday and then we will journey back to our poor lonely kitty. Mr. JuJu is in Boston for worky-type things so I figured there was no sense in going home and being alone when we could just stay here (where they are willing to wake up with my child and feed and play with him while I SLEEP!!!) and visit.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday. We woke up and did our mommmy-daddy-LittleJuJu Christmas (pics to come, I promise) and then we got cleaned up and traveled to PA. Mr. JuJu could only stay for a day and was then off for the Boston trip. So here we are! I have been fighting swollen glands, chills and body aches for the last couple of days...so fun. Today seems to be better but my voice is coming and going and I sound utterly ridiculous in a sort of non-sexy throaty way. Mr. JuJu sounded sexy last week when this happened to his voice...I DO NOT. Life can be cruel.

I miss you all and I miss reading your blogs but here in the land of Dial-Up (sorry mom) I just don't have the patience to let each of your blogs pages load and hell...someone important could be trying to call! I promise to catch up when we get home and spend all day Friday in front of my computer. Ssshhh....don't tell.

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