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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Complete Nonsense, No Really.

Isn't it sorta funny how your brain just flows in and out of that weird way of thinking when you have some free time on your hands? Like that commercial they have for adult ADD and they attempt to give you a glimpse into the brain of someone suffering from the disorder and it's all jumbled and things jump from one thought to the next without ever fully completing a thought? Yeah, well sign me up for that shit. I need me some meds. I ought to be feeling a bit tired. I am pregnant and under the impression that we "with child" like to hit the hay early. It is well past midnight and I am nowhere near sleep. I talked to Mr. JuJu a bit ago and he was heading out with the guys, or to the hotel bar or restaurant or whatever and I just realized that I am sitting here so lonely and bored ( not your fault mom...I'd be bored at home too) and how can I sleep?

Heading back to Ohio tomorrow to unpack and organize the house. The after-Christmas organizing is about as time-consuming as the before...especially when you have been traveling for two weekends in a row and are bringing your dad and little brother home with you. Mr. JuJu will be off again on Saturday so it will probably be just LittleJuJu and I alone for the day which will be nice...we haven't had alone time in awhile it seems. He will bring me back to Earth, even if only for a day or two.

It's a strange feeling being away from home for a few days...I keep thinking of all of the things I need to be doing at home and then I stop to remind myself that I am actually forced to relax here! No housework...someone is playing with the boy...I can sleep in...then those ADD thoughts start in. Usually they are snippets of home. Is the cat okay? Is someone stealing our mail? Are bills due? Did I leave anything on? The iron? HAHAHA...like I iron. Maybe I should try to get some sleep.
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