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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Come Home Mr. JuJu

I am sitting here at the computer as my LittleJuJu sleeps (he sleeps!?) and Mr. JuJu is off at another basketball game. He isn't traveling on the road, but he is gone until late tonight. It usually takes some time before I get used to his being gone a lot around this time of year. It never gets easier, but I do get familier with it. He will be in town until Monday! Woo Hoo!

Friends of ours lost their sitter recently and have been looking for someone to watch their almost one year old little boy...so of course I volunteered, or did Mr. JuJu volunteer me? Whatever the case may be I will be keeping him two days a week while his mommy is taking classes toward her masters. I'm very excited and LittleJuJu will get to spend some time with a little person and get used to being gentle and sweet and all of those things he will have to do come May. I will in turn get to remember what life is like saving glass objects from falling to the floor and keeping little fingers out of light sockets. I certainly could use a refresher course there. So we all win in the end.

Oh, I get to guest blog over at
Jazzy's, place! Come visit me there soon and wish her a safe trip to New Mexico!
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