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Thursday, November 11, 2004

What A Concept!

So as I watched Nanny 911 last night (no, I did not plan on watching but there is something about seeing other people's children misbehave that makes you feel better about your own) and the idea of eating dinner together as a family AT THE TABLE came up. This is not an act that we in the JuJu household are accustomed to. Not something I am especially proud of, but we never eat together at the table. I don't know when this happened. We used to as I recall, in the old house. Probably because our dining room/kitchen and living room were all in one great big open area-floorplan so we could essentially watch television as we ate...from the table.

Another obstacle to the "eating at the table" concept is that fact that Mr. JuJu keeps very odd and never consistent hours at work. You never know when he will be leaving the office so planning a meal time to sit down is not an easy thing to do. It's impossible. Usually he will call when he is on his way and I will start dinner so that when he gets home we can grab our plates and sit in the livingroom to eat. Usually LittleJuJu is already there eating something completely different from us because he is hungry well before daddy gets home, and he wants his Jimmy Neutron something fierce.

So, enough is enough. It's time we sat as a family and ate dinner. I am not sure how this will come to be but damnit, it will. No more television to distract us from having an actual conversation over dinner. Wish me luck. Thank you Nanny 911. You strange, strange woman you.

• Posted by JuJubee @ 11/11/2004 01:50:00 PM
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