JuJuBee: Sticks and Stones?

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sticks and Stones?

I don't know who reads my blog. Of course I don't know who reads out there in the blogosphere but what I mean is I don't know who reads my blog in real life. I have a good idea but really, you never know. It is for this reason that I do tend to censor much of what I say as I am sure most bloggers do. You have to worry about hurting people's feelings whether you mean to or not. For instance, if my Great Aunt Edna bought me an awful pair of polyester burgundy bell bottomed slacks circa 1971, this would not be the place for me to come and make fun of said pants and of course would not be the place to come and make fun of Dear Auntie Edna, though it would cross my mind to do just that and post a picture both of Aunt Edna and of the slacks. Who says slacks, anyway?

To the point. It has been brought to my attention that a recent post that I wrote expressing my envy of the friendship between
Dooce and a friend of hers may have been or could have the potential to be taken out of context by friends of mine in real life. Maybe implying that the friendship between those two would never be something I could share with friends of mine. To set the record straight...JUST IN CASE...the post was never meant to hurt anyone's feelings or to imply that I was envious because I was lacking such a friendship. Ok, now I feel better...thanks. Back to the big adultness:

LittleJuJu had another time-out in school on Wednesday. This time he was acting up with a boy named MACK. Actually that is not his real name but I will say that his real name rhymes with MACK but instead starts with a "J". Oh. Whoops. At any rate...I have seen this Mack character in action. Usually while he's running wild through the parking lot after school dodging cars while his mother yells after him, "No! Come back here right now! I mean it ! I'll buy you something shiny if you come back right now!"

So I may have improvised a bit there but you get the picture. Mack is out of control. Tell me: Why does my son have to gravitate toward the trouble makers? Do I have to call in Nanny 911 on his ass?

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