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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Over the River and Through the Woods...

When Jujubee Jenny invited me to guest on her blog I was thrilled because I am jealous of all you out there in Blogland and have always dreamed of having my own blog.
It's me, Juju Mom. Nice to meet you. I am spending Thanksgiving weekend here with the Juju's (minus Mr. Juju, sadly). My daughter is the ultimate hostess. We arrived here on Thursday to a lovely Christmas-decorated house and were thrilled to see Jujubee and Little Juju as we have not seen them in over a month.
We had a great dinner, courtesy of Boston Market and Debby, you were right, the sweet potatoes were yummy as heck. No one would share them with me so I had three helpings. They were even better than the pumpkin pie. And YIPPEE! we didn't have pots and pans and roasters to clean up afterward. *grin*
Shopping on Friday and more shopping today. :-) :-)
I'm afraid I'm keeping Jujubee up way past her bedtime, which is rude of me, considering she was kind enough to surrender her "most comfortable bed I've ever slept in" to my husband and me.
Snow greeted us here in Ohio on Thursday but it's all gone now and it was sunny and beautiful here today.
Mr. Juju has been calling frequently. I suspect a bit of homesickness. We miss him ferociously.
I'm loving chatting and spending "girl time" with Jujubee. I'll never quite recovered from the trauma when she moved away from home. It's like old times when we get together.
I want to take this opportunity to wish all Jujubee's blog buddies a terrific Holiday Season. I'll keep enjoying your entries and comments. And Beth honey, there's really only one Baby Juju in there!

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