JuJuBee: My Belly Makes A Lot Of Weird Noises

Monday, November 08, 2004

My Belly Makes A Lot Of Weird Noises

I had an appointment today with the Ob/Gyn and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It took quite a while but he finally caught it. I have heard of people renting the doppler-type equiptment to hear the baby at home for however many months you'd like...anyone have any experience with this and think that it might be worth it? My first sonogram is scheduled for next week. We can find out the sex of the baby at the second which will be sometime after Christmas but my doctor said he could sneak me in for a quick one to tell the sex if we really wanted to know for Christmas...I think we will just wait though. It's not like we will be out buying Christmas presents for the baby due in May, right? Right.

I tried to update on Friday before we left to visit family in New York for the weekend, but Blogger is a bitch. We all knew that one already. I tried for hours and finally had to give up to pack and get showered. We had a nice visit with Mr. JuJu's family. LittleJuJu on the other hand seemed to have been possessed by some evil-devil type monster for the entire weekend. I never saw so much blatant disrespect for me in his entire little 4 years. I was prepared for his head to spin at any given moment. Do antibiotics cause one to make a deal with the devil to torture your mother and make her miserable? If so, I'd rather he have the cough we are treating.

Today is a blah day. I am exhausted from the long and late car ride yesterday and the getting up too early today. Again, it doesn't take much these days to wipe me out. I am relaxing between unpacking and doing laundry and trying to straighten up this dreadful home of ours. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday...I know they suck. Hang in there, almost time to go home!

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