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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Lot About Nothin

The baby doesn't like McDonalds "food". We all know it's not exactly food and somehow this genius baby knew too. We were out last night to pick up the new U2 CD and stopped at McDonalds on the way home as LittleJuJu requested, or demanded, however you'd like to look at it...and I have been sick ever since with stomach cramps and other things with which I will not discuss with the internet. I can just hear my little angel in there saying, "What is this shit you are trying to nourish me with? Oh no you didn't." Because we know this baby has attitude and flavah. She or he will get it from daddy who I swear I overheard saying,"Hells no." yesterday in the hallway. Wha?

Today shall consist of cleaning. I really ought to find somewhere for LittleJuJu to go today since I cannot clean my house with that boy around. Tomorrow morning Mr. JuJu will be off traveling AGAIN until sometime Sunday. My mom and stepdad are coming to spend a few days with us to keep us company and make sure I don't go apeshit from loneliness. We will be having a blast so if you are in the area, stop on in and have some of the yummy food we have slaved over all day long in a hot kitchen...we call it Boston Market. Mmm. Don't call us lazy, call us smart.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and please...if you do anything for anyone tomorrow: Have a drink for me? PLEASE?

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