JuJuBee: Is There Such Thing As A Happy Monday?

Monday, November 29, 2004

Is There Such Thing As A Happy Monday?

I'm here! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend here at the JuJuBee abode. Fam arrived Thursday afternoon and left yesterday afternoon. Here it is Monday (already!) and things are getting back to normal. Mr. JuJu arrived home last night from his trip to Texas. Lotsa leftover Boston Market to eat...and pie and junk food. Thanks for filling my home with junk, mom! I shall be eating for four now instead of two.

We went out Saturday and hit the mall and a few stores...while looking at pregnancy books in Borders I came across a book about being pregnant and miserable and thought,"Aha! Finally a book that doesn't make pregnancy seem so glorious and wonderful. A truthful look at pregnancy from someone who isn't exactly enjoying it and isn't afraid to say so!" Now, I do have to say that while I am ready for it all to be over, that would in no way imply that I am not grateful to be in this position. there is a difference there. I am thrilled that we were able to create this life and I know that we were incredibly lucky to have it happen as quickly as it did. That being said...come on already, May.

Today had started out so nice and has quickly taken a turn for the worse...but never fear! Superwoman will just pull out her trusty mask and leotard and pretend things are nifty! Must. Trudge. On.

A big thank you to all of those who had a drink for me over the holiday...now could you have another for me today? When I really need it?

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