JuJuBee: Fourteen Weeks

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Fourteen Weeks

Today marks fourteen weeks of pregnancy. I seem to be trapped in some sort of time-warp-space-continuum-Bermuda triangle type place. If you are confused, I believe it to be rightly so. I make no sense and have not made a lick of sense in about....fourteen weeks. What I am trying to say about time is just that I cannot decide whether the past few months have gone quickly or dragged on forever. At first thought,"Hey! Fourteen weeks already? Wow that just flew by!" and when I think harder I realize that no, it did not fly by. It has taken ages to get here and I am still nowhere (see honey..."nowhere" is just one word) near the end of this journey.

People ask how I enjoy being pregnant. In all truthfulness, I'd really like it to just be over. I want to meet this baby and see my LittleJuJu holding his BabyJuJu in his arms. I have no patience and I do feel crummy much of the time, which makes my impatience that much more intense. I understand that I do not want to rush along the sleepless nights and screaming and exhaustion and all of the not-so-fun and pretty much MISERABLE parts of being a new parent. I am willing to overlook those things and I would gladly take them to just see my baby now, or tomorrow or even next week. Fully developed of course...

So I had my uber-fun vaginal sonogram on Monday afternoon. Yes. As Mr. JuJu and LittleJuJu sit excitedly beside me watching the little screen, the sonogram person ( what are they called?) hands me a huge stick, not unlike something you would find at a "toy" party and asks me to "insert this until I tell you it is far enough". In front of my family. Right. Uncomfortable was not even close to being the word here. Thank god the lights were off.

Everything looked great and baby is growing right on schedule and so beautiful (in that dark shadowy sort of way) and will be due May 18th or hopefully tomorrow, we'll see on that one. Unfortunately for Beth we didn't see more than one baby in there. I promise we shall look closer next time ;)
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