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Monday, November 01, 2004

A Day In the Life...

Just now, as I picked up the same toy for the 45th time since 9:00 am, I realized something. Everyday my life is filled with the same 20 or 30 or 1000 things done over and over and over again. Wake up and make the same two beds...everyday. Come downstairs and put in a load of laundry everyday. Feed the cat. Make coffee. Make breakfast for LittleJuJu (two waffles, orange juice, Rugrats vitamin and some apple slices...same everyday). Find a cartoon to watch. Clean up livingroom from night before. Sit down with a cup of coffee and some yogurt and a vitamin and check email. Clean up breakfast mess. Of course a few hours later the exact same messes will be cleaned up after snack and then lunch and then dinner. Laundry in and out of washer and dryer...up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs down the stairs. Clean child (this is of course also done frequently throughout the day). Pick up toys. Go to the store. Pick up toys. Wash some dishes. Find a cartoon to watch. Attempt a shower. Respond to some emails and check some favorite blogs. Attempt to sit down for a few minutes. Pick up toys. Usually during mid-afternoon we try and do something fun together. If this is not a school day we will go for a walk or play outside or read some books or play a game. Then back to the regular clean up, pick up, tidy up and make the house seem not like a tornado hit...

Anyway...you get the point and most likely, if you stay at home, your days are extremely similar. I do have the occasional variation where I might slip in a phone call or take a few hours to go to the mall or in the case of feeling shitty lately...a 15 minute nap. Of course the guilt takes over and it might be a week or so before a nap would even dare to cross my mind. So much to do and be done! No time for napping! Get busy!

Oh...in other not so monotonous news, Little JuJu and I went trick-or-treating on Saturday evening and made out like bandits. He woke up this morning to find a candy wrapper on the livingroom floor, "Hey! Who has been eating my candy?" hehehe. When he opened the garbage can to throw the wrapper away, he came face to face with the ton of wrappers Mr. JuJu and I had gone through the night before, "HEY! What the heck is this?? Who ate all of this?!!"

"Must have been daddy...how rude, huh!?"

Oh shut up. He gets to be around adults all day and take hour long lunches with adults. He can take the fall for the candy as far as I am concerned. What a pig, right?

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