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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Crossing Fingers and Other Assorted Crossable Body Parts

It's finally here! I'm not sure why I am so excited about this election day considering the fact that I live in Ohio of all states and it will probably turn out that my vote won't matter just one little bit, but I am excited and I will go to the polls this evening, electoral college be damned! Mwahahaha!

Hoping that this rain will stop and that LittleJuJu's fever and cough will go the hell away. In spite of the weather and the sickness infecting my home, I am in good spirits today. Poor Mr. JuJu had to wait in line to vote this morning for 45 minutes. I have to wait for him to get home this evening to stay with LittleJuJu while I go. I'm sure it will be just as busy then with everyone stopping on their way home from work. Goodie. Yippie. I love waiting in lines. Yessiree.

Can anyone else believe the sheer volume of Christmas CRAP that is out in the stores already? Even I remember a time when the holidays did not overlap each other in the sales department. Not to say that a shit load of christmas booty wasn't waiting in warehouses all over the country just counting down the seconds until Thanksgiving CRAP was ripped from the shelves. I really cannot get over what they put out even weeks before Halloween. Ok, well...I'll admit that I have bought a few Christmas-y related items like gift tags and bags and some decorations...BUT COME ON, it was so cheap I would have been an idiot NOT to. That doesn't excuse the fact that it was THERE tempting me with it's pretty, shiny red and green glory. I am a sucker for Christmas. LittleJuJu's birthday is the same day which makes it even more special around our house. OOOHHHH I can't wait for Christmas!

Ok Sorry. So...get out there and vote people! Remember, if you don't vote you can't bitch.
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