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Monday, October 11, 2004

So I Suck, What's It To Ya?

Yes people, yes. I've been negligent. So very bad to my blog and it's nice, faithful readers. I seem to be going through some sort of a phase where nothing exciting or noteworthy has been happening in my life. The last week or so has been filled with the same old, same old. Wake up kinda nauseous...live in slow motion throughout the day so as not to upset the belly-gods into making me actually sing praises to the porcelain gods. How exciting, JuJuBee !! WOO-freaking-HOO!!

In other news...please send some happy, wakeful, snuggly, cuddly and huggy vibes to Mr. JuJu. There are times when I wonder if I have married a robot. He works and works and works and works some more. He is dedicated. He is determined. He is sleepwalking through the day. Mr. JuJu stayed up ALL night to work on meeting a deadline. Ok, that's a lie, he crawled into bed a bit less than an hour before his alarm went off at which point he got into the shower...threw on a tie and headed out the door. I assume he will start seeing things and losing his mind soon so maybe throw in some sanity vibes his way too if you could. I thank you.

Oh !! My girlfriends and their kiddos might be visiting me this weekend! I am so excited...I never get to see my friends and never get company and I DO LOVE both of those things. I love having something to look forward to. Now if my stomach could just EASE UP a bit and allow me to clean this house...

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