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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So Here's The Deal

I am convinced that pregnancy induces writer's block (or NON-writer's block as I would never consider myself a "writer"... more of a "rambler-oner") and I am not happy about this. Hmn. What to write about?

I could write about being in the shower today and for the first time since I have become pregnant I needed to puke. I'm sure you'd rather hear about prettier, happier things. How about flowers?

Everyday as I walk LittleJuJu to preschool he searches neighbor's yards for the one with the most dandelions. This can be a tough task for him as most of the houses in the neighborhood look down upon dandelions as the devil-weed and if left to grow in their lawn, the world would undoubtedly come to an end and their imperfect lawns would land them a condo in hell. Then there are people like my son who think that those yellow flowers are the most beautiful flowers in the entire world. He cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind would EVER DARE to have them killed.

When he finds the perfect lawn, he will usually break the law and go right on in and pick as many as he can get before I start to get nervous and rush him along. I can't bring myself to tell him no, he cannot go into someone's else's lawn and pick their ugly weeds. I can't do that because he is picking them for me. When he hands me those little nasty, smelly flowers with a huge smile on his face I just melt. Everytime.

So if you see an adorable blonde boy in your yard, plucking dandelions like it is the most important thing in the world, please let him go. He's my LittleJuJu and he is picking those for his Momma and it is the best part of her day. Thanks.
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