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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The One Where I Am Hungry As Hell

Wowsers, people. I am ravenous! I am craving comfort food. Whether it is the pregnancy or something else, I cannot tell but comfort food is my savior. If it is warm and yummy I want it. NOW. Just a few of the things I have found myself either eating or dreaming about lately, in bullet form, of course.

  • chili
  • soup (any kind, no prejudice here)
  • pizza
  • chocolate chip cookies (warm only)
  • bagels and cream cheese
  • sloppy joes (having for dinner)
  • warm zucchini or banana bread (send me some?)
  • soft tacos (had for dinner last night)
  • rolls, biscuits or muffins
  • carb overkill anyone??
  • and twizzlers (always with the twizzlers, always)

See my dilemma here? If I keep eating this JUNK I will have serious JUNK in the trunk or whatever it is that these crazy kids say these days. To make me feel better? While talking to my dad on the phone about my latest doctor appt.? My father says, " Now don't go getting all fat." Who the hell says stuff like that?! Uhm, ok thanks dad.

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