JuJuBee: Feeling....Accomplished (Sorta)

Friday, October 22, 2004

Feeling....Accomplished (Sorta)

It is so hard to clean your house with an extremely active four year old boy. LittleJuJu sees opportunity and fun within each and every mundane task I do:

Mundane Task: remove the slipcover from the couch to wash
Opportunity for fun: Hey! I can take these cushions off and jump on them, wow, they work as a slide too!

Mundane Task: removing all photo frames and decor from living room to dust
opportunity for fun: insert your toys and cat's toys in each and every place mommy just cleared

Mundane Task: using attachment hose on vacuum
Opportunity for fun: using attachment hose as an extra "robot arm" while sliding down the "slide" and yelling for your robot mommy to "stop cleaning and LOOK!"

Mundane Task: mopping the kitchen floor
Opportunity for fun: standing one inch from wet floor and every 2.3 seconds asking, "Is it still wet? Can I come in? I'm thirsty, is it still wet?"

Mundane Task: cleaning all glass surfaces in house (i.e windows, mirrors, television)
Opportunity for fun: now that you have a clean and fresh glass surface to work with, smudge it up as best as you can

Mundane Task: folding laundry
Opportunity for fun: trying on everything that your mommy just folded when she leaves the room

There are more, dear lord there are more. I need a sitter just to clean the house. I won't be checking in much this weekend or posting...Mr. JuJu's parents will be visiting until Monday morning. Hope you have a great weekend! Oh right, noone knows the song stuck in my head? I am disappointed, really.

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