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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Facing Your Fears

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments left on my last post. Boy, when you are hurting for comments, it seems a depressing post will do the trick! Sorry to say that today will not be one long, sad run-on sentence of a post. Today I am feeling better. Today a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and in it's place is a sense of peace. Not a peace that is bringing in any money, but still...

I declined on the job offer. Well, I "declined" isn't exactly right considering the fact that I had already accepted the job. I merely changed my mind about it. We all know that I have more than enough excuses to change my mind without repercussions. 1) I am female and...2) I am pregnant. Ok then ? Ok.

Now then...who is ready to offer me a home-based business with no money down and the opportunity to earn 6 digits? Of course I will have to have the option of making my own schedule of hours to work...and lots of paid vacation time and benefits. Anyone? I'll be waiting...fight for me amongst yourselves.

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