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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Yes. I Am The Lowest of Low.

So, uhm...I lied. To the preschool teacher. About the paperwork. Told her I never received it. Don't look at me like that. It was the easiest way to deal with it and my day has been kinda crazy so you know...you would have done the same, I know you would have.

Update on day:

The interview went well and I should be hearing from them concerning availability for LittleJuJu and my status with working there.

After I lied to the preschool teacher over the phone we became life-long giggly friends. I will go this evening for the Parent/teacher meeting. LittleJuJu will meet her tomorrow and then class will start next Tuesday. Baby Jesus is weeping for me. My little man is off to school, sort of.

Oh and I am pissed. We spent a nice long time at Target picking out the perfect backpack. Little JuJu wore it proudly for three days in a row pretending to play school. Then when I received said lost paperwork in the mail (shhh) I recall reading that you may not bring backpacks to school because they are often not large enough to accommodate artwork and crafts and the children have a hard time getting them off and on. You should instead bring a large tote bag. Oh yes, and of course for your preschool pleasure...you can buy a gorgeous "blahsyblah name of preschool" tote bag for eleventy thousand dollars!!

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