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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Still Here!

What a slacker I am. Things have been oh-so-crazy and I really can't get into that right now but STAY TUNED! I won't disappoint! I have a limited amount of time before we head off to preschool, which continues to go well. Anyone else have a child who refuses to talk about school? I mean I can understand not wanting to talk about high school...we all went through that stage. How exciting could biology and civics class be to a 16 year old? I am talking about preschool, people! Fun times! Snacks and songs and puzzles and toys and the BIG MUSCLE ROOM! How could you not want to talk about that? It's really like pulling teeth to get LittleJuJu to tell me about the 2.5 hours he has spent in kiddie heaven. I have to trick him into telling me things and I feel like we are starting the whole school experience off on the wrong foot. I might be paranoid about that but, I worry. I hated school and I don't want my child to ever feel that way.

I am getting a haircut today and they are offering a free Mystic Tan with haircut purchase, or something like that, but YAY! I am so excited! I shall report later how strange it is to strip down to your skivees and have someone spray you with an airbrush. I might feel violated, we shall see.

UPDATE: Did not have time to do the tan thing before picking up LittleJuJu from school because my big mouth hairdresser was yapping her flap with the client previous to me for well past 20 minutes into my appt. time. Stupid,ignorant lady. She owes me. DAMNIT.
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