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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Peice of Cake

There were minimal tears. Really more of just a watering of the eyes. LittleJuJu got through the day without a hitch. My child has this sort of way about things, like: "Yeah, it's all good. No big deal". He has been this way with just about everything that I can remember. The more I anticipate his feelings of fear or uncertainty about a situation, the cooler he becomes about it. He takes everything as it comes with a quiet understanding almost like this is just a part of life and I will get used to it and I will thrive and it will be just fine. Where in the world did he get this assuredness from?? There was a brief glimpse of nervousness as we approached the building and he glimpsed the row of children lined up along the wall and waiting to go in. It didn't last long. He made me a brown teddy bear out of construction paper with a bow tie and two big round eyes and one big round nose. It seems to be missing a mouth, but it is the most perfect teddy bear I have ever seen.

Let me just tell you that the best moment of the day happened before we even got out the door:

I was doing my hair when I thought that I had heard the garage door open...uhm...why is the garage door opening? Please tell me that my garage door is not opening, especially when Mr. JuJu is at work half an hour away and he has the only other garage door opener and I SURE AS SHIT did not open the door.

Using my best police officer guarded stance I slowly opened the door from the kitchen into the garage and lo and behold who was standing there wearing a big grin? That's right!! The bestest husband ever, that's who!

"What are you doing here?"

"You didn't really think I would miss this did you?"

Tearing up and grinning and love overflowing...

Ok, enough mushy and lovey dovey crap. My husband rocks and that is all. Now for the pictures of the boy with the "It's all good but I do seem a little bit nervous...no biggie though" expression.

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