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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Prozac

Boy did I sound all happy hopped up yesterday or what? Unfortunately that mood did not last long. I started with a sore throat before we even left for the game. It had turned into full blown feverish sweating and want-to-rip-your throat out pain. Throw in a little headache and no ability to breath through my nose and that is how I feel this morning. Bleck.

The game was fun considering how I was feeling. My son showed up clean and fresh smelling and left filthy and soaking wet (thanks to a water fountain) with his shirt inside out and his new white shoes the color of pavement. The babies I had such high hopes for are both learning to walk and therefore wanted nothing to do with me. I did get some nice girl/mommy time in with the coaches wives and it was nice to talk for a few hours with them.

I guess the plan for today is to do as little as possible which is tough with a little one wanting something from you every few minutes. We will get by. He said this morning," I will take care of you all day and forever mommy so you can feel better." Then he spilled a bowl of goldfish crackers in my bed.

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