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Friday, September 10, 2004

The Lessons Come Quickly

Today I took LittleJuJu to meet his teacher and check out the classroom that he will be spending three hours a day/three days a week in. I want to make this transition as fun and exciting as possible for him and we had a long talk about school this morning. I wanted to see what sort of feelings he might be having about it all and ease his mind if there were any worries. Apparently the boy has adjusted so far impeccably well...this was the conversation:

Me: So LittleJuJu, do you want to talk about preschool? Are there any questions you have for me?
Him: Will there be monsters there?
Me: (Aha, I knew he had some reservations about this!) Oh no baby, of course not...preschool is a very safe place where nothing will hurt you, and of course you know monsters are NOT real.
Him: Hahaha, I know, I was kidding you. Can I ask the teacher anything I want?
Me: Sure. Her name is Mrs. Reinhold and you can ask or tell her anything you want to...she is there to take care of you while mommy and daddy are away.
Him: Well that isn't true. I can't tell her anything. I can't say," Hello Mrs. Reinbutt, how are you today?"
Me: Ah true, you probably should steer away from calling her Mrs. Reinbutt.
Him: Right. She might put me in the "thinking" chair if I say that. Can I say "poop" or "pee" ?
Me: Maybe we should talk about school some more after daddy gets home.

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